Insight: Girls can be rough and still wear their rouge.

CW: Avery Fazende / Katie Samuelsen

AD: Avery Fazende

Insight: The only bad idea is the one not shared. 

CW: Lexi Acevedo / Avery Fazende

AD: Lexi Acevedo

Insight: The gym should be your sanctuary, a place to find comfortability in your growth. 

CW: Avery Fazende

AD: Chelsea Tijerina

Insight: Don't be vitamin stupid. Care/Of can be the guide to the next step in your path to wellness.

CW: Avery Fazende

AD: Grace Liu

Insight: The ring is the symbol for the promise of a lifetime, don't let your active lifestyle keep you from proudly wearing your love wherever your go.

CW: Avery Fazende

AD: Ernest Chan

Insight: Creatives get creatives. 

CW: Avery Fazende / Lait Fitzpatrick

AD: Sivim Ly